#344: Friendly Robots

Up this week: robots who want to be your friend — or with whom you’d like to be friends — and what this tells us about humanity. Also, we run down the week in geek, including Jill Scott’s upcoming Fringe oracle-ness, a new TV series from X-Files creator Chris Carter, our recommendations for games to become movies (which can’t be any worse than Hungry Hungry Hippos or Monopoly), Sean’s thoughts regarding Forza Horizon, some analysis of plot bits from the upcoming Bond flick, and a look at the new live-action Halo 4 web series.

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I was a little surprised about Sean wanting a BattleMasters movie. I remember that game very well. I actually bought 5 copies when it was on clearance because the playing pieces were made by Games Workshop and based on existing Warhammer Fantasy miniatures-thus all the pieces in those 5 sets became the basis for my Orc/Goblin army, Chaos army, and Empire army. Also, the playmats from that game got used in a gaming group to play WWI air combat games with (Blue Max if anyone is wondering).

So…I guess if Sean wanted a movie based on Battlemasters it would probably have to be a Warhammer one, which might happen but seeing as the attempt at a Warhammer 40K movie wasn’t well received and didn’t do well it’s unlikely. (but hey, there’s LOTS of books)

Man, you guys should do a James Bond arc and/or a Shrek arc at some point. I’d love to hear what you think about those movies.

Agree … although may want to pare down the selection to “one flick per Bond actor” ( and screw Lazenby and Dalton )

Bond ( Movie )

Sean Connery ( Goldfinger ) (personally I prefer Dr. No, but come on … Pussy Galore?)
Roger Moore ( Spy Who Loved Me )
Peirce Brosnan ( Golden Eye )
Daniel Craig ( Casino Royale )


P.S. Here’s a taste of the necessaries ( I am personally trying desperately to avoid trailers ).


P.P.S. How of the frak have you not seen Shrek ( /AustinPowers Honestly???) … It’s like hearing someone have never seen the color orange?

I think Goldeneye was the beginning of humanizing Bond, of making him more of a real character. As a long time Bond fan, I remember being stunned when Trevelyan said to him, “I might as well ask you if all those vodka martinis ever silence the screams of all the men you’ve killed… or if you find forgiveness in the arms of all those willing women for all the dead ones you failed to protect.”

Casino Royale took it to the next level. Goldeneye is still, for now, my favorite Bond film. Brosnan managed to blend the suave, smooth Bond of the past with modern times. Pitting Bond against another 00-agent was an awesome idea and Sean Bean rocked the part. Despite that, Daniel Craig has become my favorite James Bond and I love the overall tone and style of these films. I’ll alway enjoy the gadget-laden, pun-dropping, hyper-competent Bond, but I’m really liking this new gritty Bond and I’m really looking forward to Starfall.

I liked Quantum of Solace and loved the moment Sean mentioned regarding what it feels like to kill someone. Of course, QoS had Olga Kurylenko in it and as one of the most beautiful women in the history of beautiful women, the movie could’ve sucked and I would have been enraptured. As it was, I got the bonus of a good movie too.

Man, I never thought I’d hear anyone else say they ever played BattleMasters - the only people I knew who’d ever played it were me, my brother, and a couple of my cousins. Still the only game I’ve ever seen that was played on a huge (4x4? 5x5?) vinyl mat. It was not until many years later that I learned that that game (as well as HeroQuest, another of my personal favorites, like D&D junior edition) was set in the WarHammer Fantasy universe - those games gave me my first taste of Chaos Warriors. My brother and I still have those games, btw. I love Twilight Imperium, but it’s a bit cumbersome for a film.

The film version of Clue is, hands down, one of my absolute favorite comedy films, and the multiple endings, totally in keeping with the theme of the game, are brilliant. You just can’t go wrong with that cast.

Goldeneye is definitely my favorite Bond film. I haven’t seen all of them in their entirety, and probably won’t go out of my way to do so. Goldeneye for me just seems to bring everything together just right; it was the first ‘modern’ Bond movie and I think that Brosnan set the tone of ‘the new Bond’ perfectly.

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