#342: Chuck and Sean Doo the Nooos

We put the Robots arc on hold, as Audra is getting some well-deserved rest, so Sean and Chuck cover this week’s news. And yes, Audra will be back soon!

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Note to Sean: checked out “Star Wars Anime” this morning.

Very ossim: thanks for the heads-up!

I picked up The Avengers last night at our local Meijer, which is a chain of stores similar to Super Wal Mart or Super Target; groceries and household goods. They had two versions for sale that at first glance looked different; they had different colored covers, and one case was smaller than the other. Upon further inspection, they were both the same; both had a DVD and Blu Ray copy, had the same features, including the Joss Whedon commentary, everything. The only difference was one was red and the size of a regular DVD, and the other was blue and the size of a Blu Ray. I don;t know if anyone else is selling it like that, and I have never seen anything like that before. Watched it last night, and I did rewind a few scenes, including Hulk Smash Loki.

Fun stuff even lacking Audra :slight_smile:

Hopefully “The Audra Strikes Back” next week.


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