#34: Motivating for the Long Term


Many fitness goals take a while to reach, so this week we dive into the many differences between motivating yourself for short term action (like making it to the gym today) and motivating yourself for long term success. Key discussions: accepting variation in your eating and workout plans, avoiding burnout, and interpreting slow-to-change data.

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track numba one for my morning jogs … always and forever :slight_smile:




Great song from one of the best movies ever made


Good song, but not enough energy for me. I like stuff with a higher BPM, more electro, and fewer words. (then again, I hate to run…)


nearly 7 weeks ignoring all things worldy … tomorrow morning … she caught the Katy.


close out home with …


I am nothing … if not consistent … give or take :slight_smile:


P.S. it’s gonna hurt like hell.


3rd morning easier (ish) … helps when the morning crew at the fire hall isn’t “slow clapping” my stumble bumming it as I pass by anymore. I swear, for guys who spend their days washing and waxing their “vehicles”, they can really get under my skin :slight_smile:

left, right, left, right … etc. etc. etc.



Glad to hear it is getting easier :slight_smile:


thanks Mitch … I’m back in my groove.

I had to drop the DKM song from my rotation. Lyrics are just too sad all things considered.

For some reason my nano seems to run out on this while I wind down in our drive way … /shrug




motivation aside … are there any good metric ( timers etc.) for the morning jog?

Beside my engineering background ( humble brag?) I’ve always looked at road work as binary. Do it or not. Recently I’ve fallen prey to the “faster better” craze. Is there a cheap light weight tool for keeping track of such things? Not to sound all “Hudson Hawk” since Sean seems to dislike the movie, but I mostly just spool up nano with tracks … and with the total run time of tracks in loop I “guestimate” how long it takes to move my frame through space and time.

Anyhoo … any and all feedback would be appreciated :slight_smile:

And because I can cut AND paste :


dance … if you want to.



Garmin makes a number of different devices, at different price points. Depending on the model you have, there are a number of different tracking options available. From run time, to pace, cadence, elevation change and mapping. It depends on how much data you want and how much you are willing to spend. The basic ones start around $150ish and can run up to $450-$500 for the 910. Two links attached to look at what is available.




Awesome stuff!

Not too much focused on elevation since my morning takes me around Oakland Co. airport … ie. flat as a pancake. Cadence is interesting. I wonder if I can pull wave files of tunes in nano and chart cadence to tracks … hmmm.

I do like a new gadget. Of course I might end up disassembling it in the future :slight_smile:

Thanks Mitch.