#339: Villains We Love, Part 3: GLaDOS

In this episode, we continue our “Villains You Love to Love” arc, with a look at Portal 2′s GLaDOS.

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Is this the end of the Villains arc, or are there more episodes planned for it?

In terms of a male GLaDOS, I only think it would work if the hero character was male also. As wrong as it may be, a male GLaDOS with a female hero (I forget her name, except that it starts with a C) would just seem like a bully. What would be interesting would be to see a female GLaDOS with a male hero. Would she still be perceived as a “Mommy Dearest,” or would she seem like a vamp?

Fun to hear of Blue Brothers extended play :slight_smile:

Hell yeah Jake and Elwood were geeks. Music geeks(Blues/Soul/Gospel). They had a focused dedication to the music they loved, sang, played and lived.




BOOM BOOM also is a great song for a podcast anthem … imho.

Oh, when you talk like that
You knocks me out
Right off of my feet
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hoo, hoo, hoo

I’ve had an observation about the confederate flag. I don’t know if this is purely a geographical thing, but it seems to me that states/cultures in favor of sessestion seemed to have termed the flag “The Rebel flag”, whereas states against it term it “The Confederate flag”.

It feels to me like there’s an implication of appropriateness. Rebel = good, Confederate = bad.

Where’s Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s Fun with flags when I need it.

Michael Fassbender could have been GLADoS. Just saying.

~Shooter Out

At least one more I think and that’s Dark Helmet from Spaceballs :slight_smile:

May I suggest another villain or two?

Sho’Nuff from “The Last Dragon” (for sheer entertainment value) & Nikolai Tesla from “Sanctuary” (dude had the funniest & snarkiest lines!)

Also : Spike from “Buffy the vampire slayer”

That’s a good one too. First person who came to mind when they announced the arc was Mayborne from Stargate SG-1.

Eeek! GLaDOS! I love her.

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Portal 2 is my favorite game to play at work, mostly because of GLaDOS.