#338: Villains We Love, Part 2: The Monarch

In this episode we continue our Villains we Love to Love arc, with the Monarch.

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I have a Spotify playlist with some great swedish music (if anyone’s interested). Don’t know how many of you that use Spotify. Did it really hit in the US? It’s a wild mix of all kinds of swedish music I like.

Playlist here: http://open.spotify.com/user/rickard_f/playlist/54VN0h55ncB7Nma76DaPAW

Podcast was good as usual. Nice discussion about what makes a villain relatable.

/Rickard (a k a green shorts in the woods)

Good stuff!

Sean, I had earlier put 50 quatloos into the Gamers Kickstarter, but feel compelled to now match your coinage :slight_smile:

The Dorkness shall rise!


Everything is better with Pirates!


P.S. Chuck, did Niel Armstrong exit the bus first, or did he let Buzz go?

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Teaser from the DG folks.


How much XP do I get for the bard?