#336: “B” Movie Arc, Part 3: Judge Dredd

In our final “B” movie installment, 1995′s bum-shell Judge Dredd, we enjoy talking cheesy design elements, the dearth of non-ridiculous flying motorcycles, British views on American violence and vigilantism, and the perils of using current technology (especially in the 90′s) to approximatefuturistic computer graphics. And we run down the Week in Geek, checking out the impressive and silly*clip-video parody of the Star Trek: TNG cast performing “Call Me Maybe” and a new fan-based web video series,*Star Trek: The Secret Voyage; paying respects to the late special effects virtuoso Carlo Rambaldi — who created E.T. and brought to life King Kong (1977), Alien, and creatures from Dune and Close Encounters –*and discussing whether we’re yet burned out on superhero movies (it was a hung jury) and what kind of original stories we hope to see in upcoming sci-fi and fantasy media. Come join us and get your geek on!

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For those that might have missed it here’s the Batmobile I was speaking of during the cast, all finished :slight_smile:

Looks awesome, sir!

A couple suggestions for your villains arc: Harry Maybourne from Stargate SG-1 (Episode Suggestion: Chain Reaction) and Alexi Volkoff from Chuck (Episode Suggestion: Chuck vs The Leftovers).

Star Trek: The Secret Voyage looks decent.

There’s a lot of fan made Star Trek out there, but I’ve yet to find any matching the quality of Star Trek: Phase II http://www.startreknewvoyages.com/


Was one of the 3 times you got carded in a bar last year when we went to that English Pub by your house? I remember that because I had to use my military ID because I left my drivers license back in the room

~Shooter Out

No, but I suspect had I been drinking they would have carded me. Weird deal, huh?

Glad you tried out Minecraft. At first glance, even with just a couple hours of play, it can easily be dismissed. Once you’ve played it a bit, you can see the complexity and wonderful sandbox-y nature of the game. Then, one night you’ll be playing and an idea will possess you and only when the harsh rays of daybreak come stealing through your window will you come to understand what those who went before you were talking about. With a few mods, it gets even worse. Great game.

For the upcoming Bill and Ted movie, I read on AICN that one of the plot ideas that’s being considered is the duo in their 40’s and they still haven’t done any of the world changing stuff that they were supposedly destined for. Worried that they might somehow screw up the future, they begin hopping around time again (and through alternate timelines) to figure out where they went wrong while running into different versions of themselves.

Also, Judge Dredd isn’t a paladin or lawful good. He’s the epitome of lawful neutral.

The Next Gen “Call me maybe” cover is definately cool, but there is only one definitive version for me xD


As for Dredd, theres a quote from the start of the ‘America’ storyline that I think sums up his stance pretty well.

“Where do I stand? I’ll tell you where I stand. I stand four-square for justice. I stand for discipline , good order and the rigid application of the law – and Grud help any limp-wrist liberals who say different. The people, they know where I stand. They need rules to live by – I provide them. They break the rules, I break them. That’s the way it works. The people like it that way. They need to know where they stand. Rights? Sure ~I’m all for rights. But not at the expense of order

Justice has a price
The price is freedom"

Definately a very extreme and ambiguous character, but Mega City and the problems it has are always so interesting to read, you can always see traces of our society, just turned up to 11. And Dredd, especially recently, sometimes does question the role of the Judges. One of the best things about his universe is that time passes in real time (Dredd was in his 20s at the start of the strip, hes at least late 60s now) and we see a definate character arc.

I used to have a bunch of these Hammer comics from the UK, where Judge Dread ran side-by-side with V-for-Vendetta (back in the 80’s, if my memory serves me right & I’m not imagining all this). There was a common story subtext warning against rise of a dystopian, fascist, Orwellian State.

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I agree with Audra, I’m sick of comic book superhero movies. Not because I haven’t enjoyed them, but rather I’d prefer variety in our film offerings.

I also empathize with the frustration at historical inaccuracy in Ren Faires. (and in other areas that I identify it). Are we surprised? I doubt it.

Just a thought : is the Tolkien Professor (or any of his students) involved with Ren Fairs?