#335: “B” Movie Arc, Part 2: Total Recall

We continue our “B” movie arc with the epically cheesy 1990 sci-fi flick Total Recall*and realize that Arnold’s mechanical acting is ideal for a robotor a comic straight manbut less convincing in Recall‘s mind-frak thriller landscape. We discuss the evolution of profanity in movies from the 80s to now, marvel at the fact that Recall‘s dated, over-the-top violence can still shock, and appreciate Sharon Stone’s evolution from the backstabbing, fluffy-haired bimbo in Recall to the slick-haired, ruthless corporate HBIC of the mid 90s. We reminisce on our favorite Arnold movies of all time (Sean’s is especially awesome) and excitedly anticipate this week’s release of the Mars-less Colin Farrell*reboot, noting that the original film’s premise and the seminalPhilip K. Dick story are far too promising not to remake. Plus, we run down the Week in Geek, with some more Olympic love, discussion of the “Blade Runner,” and props to inspirational people who pursue fitness against all odds; and we share news on the soon-to-premiere NBC showRevolution (September 17, produced by J.J. Abrams), SyFy’s newly-greenlit M. Night Shyamalan series, Proof, and the go-ahead on the film Chewie, which will focus on Peter Mayhew’s unique experiences behind the scenes of the first Star Wars.

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My top three “Arnold” Movies excluding Terminators (per. Chuck Rule 1.1.3).

  1. Predator
  2. True Lies
  3. Conan the Barbarian


I’m listening to your discussion of prosthetics/exoskeletons and I remembered a conversation Joker and James could have in Mass Effect 3. Joker could have gotten an exoskeleton to minimize his condition, but he said that it makes it harder for him to fly the Normandy because it screws with his spatial awareness or something like that.

Sorry I don’t remember the exact details, but it’s an interesting counterpoint to the benefits you guys were talking about.

Excluding the Terminator Movies, my three favorite Arnold movies?

  1. True Lies
  2. Predator
  3. Commando

The reason Total Recall is so violent is because it is Directed by the same man who directed Robocop. A little known fact, when the first cut of Robocop was submitted to the ratings board it came back rated X. One of the major cuts made to the film was removing an entire 20 seconds of the ED 209’s shooting of the board member. :eek: Sure Arnold is not a great actor, but he is great in action films, and the reason he was recruited for Total Recall was because Carolco knew that they would need a Frackton of money to pull it off. And to get that kind of money (from the producers and potental investors) they needed a name that would draw moviegoers like moths to a flame, and so they pitched the film to Arnold, and he loved it… So much so that he even invested in the film with his own money.

And if you look at the film honestly you can see him trying, but acting is not his strength (I think his best acting may have been in ‘Jingle all the Way’ or ‘Collateral Damage’). Kicking ass and tossing out corny lines is more his thing or schtick if you will. So that is why they surrounded him with strong character actors, Michael Ironsides is just amazing in this film, I think it may be his best work. Ronny Cox’s performance rivals the one he did in Robocop, he just chews up the scenery. The effects were cutting edge for their time, and Robb Bottin’s makeup was eye-popping (sorry for the pun)! :smiley:

Favorite (non Terminator) Arnold films:
True Lies
The Sixth Day
Total Recall
Kindergarten Cop/Junior


Quiad never asks for an ‘exotic’ woman. He is asked just before ‘going under’ his sexual preference, when he answers hetro they bring over the monitor and ask him more questions and warn him to ‘be honest, you be much happier if you do’. Hair, he answers brunette. Body type, he answers athletic. Personality, he answers ‘sleazy’… And then just before falling asleep he answers again, demure. “Sleazy and demure? He is going to have a wild time…”

Rachel Ticotin is far from White. In fact because of her dark skin color she mostly plays Hispanic roles in movies and TV, though once she even played a Siamese in a production of ‘the King and I’. I jokingly thought once that she was cast because Arnold had developed a taste for Latino women after doing ‘The Running Man’, but I believe she was cast because of her proven ability at roles that demand a high level of physicality.

Favorite Arnie non-Terminator films:

Raw Deal (Rolling Stones and the gravel pit)
True Lies (Corvette and Paxton)
Running Man (I hope you leave enough room for my fist)
Total Recall (Arggrrgggrrrrgggrrr)
Predator (One ugly mutha)

Is there a Revolutions Thread on the Forum yet? I’m just getting more and more hyped up to see this show.

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