#333: Comic-Con Wrap-Up

We review our favorite parts of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, including bronies, ubiquitous butt cheeks, Sean’s awesome art acquisition, and hanging out with the small press peeps; and we feature a segment recorded live with a band of GWCers at the con! And we run down the Week in Geek, reviewing some newly-announced Emmy noms including Game of Thrones (Best Drama Series), The Big Bang Theory (Best Comedy Series), BBC’s Sherlock (a ton of nominations, including best miniseries), and nods to*Futurama, Mythbusters, Robot Chicken, and our recent favorite, Parks and Recreation.*We also appreciate Karl Urban’s Comic-Con slip of the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain in the upcoming Trek movie; and we geek out over plans for the Marvel character Falcon to join the Cap — and Michael Fassbender to bring Assassin’s Creed to the big screen.

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I’m not as much of an expert as some, but from what I remember, Gary Mitchell was actually from the first Kirk episode of Star Trek. He was the helmsman of the Enterprise, and got zapped by the outer galactic barrier (as opposed to the inner “What does God need with a starship” barrier), causing him to develop godlike powers and a massive ego.

Gary Mitchell was chief navigator actually.

Ironically, look below how much Karl Urban and the actor that played Gary Mitchell in TOS look alike?

(From a thread pre Trek 09 http://forum.galacticwatercooler.com/showthread.php?5797-Star-Trek-Movie-pic-Tell-me-this-doesn-t-look-like-a-young-Gary-Mitchell&p=136655&viewfull=1#post136655 )

Things are always better with some Abe Vigoda!



P.S. Abe Vigoda is like GlaDOSstill alive.

By the way if you want to know who Gary Mitchell is, all Star Trek episodes are on Netflix Instant watch.

It’s Season 1, Episode 4 (by Netflix’s count) called “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. (Seriously? Are there people out there that haven’t seen this?)

Recap a little Star Trek history: The Cage was the 1st pilot for Star Trek. It was rejected (and never aired in the original run), but the network allowed a 2nd pilot this time with William Shatner as the captain. This was called “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. But it wasn’t the first episode to air, but rather the 3rd.
So by Netflix count, The Cage is #1, and Where No Man Has Gone Before is #4. …anyway, go watch it if you’ve never seen it.

(Yes. that’s Gary Lockwood from 2001: A Space Odyssey guest staring as Gary Mitchell.)

I’ll never be the Trek Wizard like you, Thot! bows before greatness

I dug Sally Kellerman in that ep, too!

I really dug the Phaser Rifle!!

My theory is that after Kirk left, Gary Mitchell escaped from that puny non-God holding rock over the grave and then went on to intelligently design several planets!!!

Or start the Q Continuum.

Or he moved from the edge of the galaxy to its core. :stuck_out_tongue:

Behold the future of the “glowing box in your living room” :slight_smile:



The first Written By A Kid was better…Scary Smash featuring Joss Whedon!


My first Con (NYCC) experience was very similar to when y’all were talking about meeting the creators of content. I was at first overwhelmed with the amount of folks crammed into a small footprint. I thot it would be like a flea market atmosphere of folks trying to sell you craaaap. It was the complete opposite. It was a celebration of their work. Everyone I talked to had so much passion and love for what they do. They didnt want to make a sale. They wanted to share their experience with me. It was, to quote a great Vulcan, fascinating. Even with all the celebs and cosplay, it was my favorite part of the con experience.

I’m a big Falcon fan, so i’m really looking forward to him in Cap 2 as well. As well as being the first African American superhero, he was the first one of African descent to not have ‘Black’ in his name (no offence to Black Panther) as well as being an all round awesome character. I’m curious to see how they will handle his costume, they’ll probably have to tone it down, but I kind of hope they don’t go completely for the Ultimate Universe look.

The Marvel Iron Man 3 booth at SDCC displayed the Iron Man armor…I didn’t get any good pictures of it. Topgun witnessed me taking the back of some idjit’s hands and camera when it slid in front of me. :frowning: Marvel’s site has them though: http://marvel.com/news/story/19057/sdcc_2012_iron_mans_hall_of_armor_takes_the_marvel_booth

And I found this really, really good picture of the Mark VIII on geekpr0n.com!

And I didn’t see this myself but proof that Nyan Cat was there:

I knew of Falcon, of course, but I really didn’t know anything about the character until I started reading the trades from Ed Brubaker’s recent run on Captain America. Brubaker took all of a page to make me like and respect the guy.

I would love to get to SDCC some day, but if I could, it would end up being one of those once, maybe twice in a lifetime kinda things. I envy all those who can go year after year. I get my con fill from going to GenCon in Indy every few years.

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