#329: Prometheus

We dive into a great discussion ofPrometheusand the*questions it raises about human creation and corruption; the colonization of ancient earth; alien warning frescoes; self-sacrifice vs. selfishness; why the Engineer may have been justified in wanting to Kill All Humans; plagiarized cave paintings; and why Jesus may have been way taller — and buffer — than legend indicates. And we run down the Week in Geek, squeeing over smart new Futurama, debating the value of original art vs. curation, and observing the slow decline of the ill-fated Ninja Turtles reboot. Plus: Sean relays the bathtime adventure of cleaning spew from a mischievous baby-puppy duo.

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Comedy Central’s live-action recreation of Futurama opening:


Prometheus/Weyland sites:



The Weyland TEDTalk video is available on the first one, use the drop down menu on the W button at the top left of the page. Plus some David series android advertisements. The second one has a short video with Weyland preparing to go out on the TED stage which was shown after the movie credits and the date 10-11-2012 appears at the end. There is a timeline for Weyland Industries that shows that is the date that the company (Mother) was incorporated.

Don’t miss previous Watercooler Prometheus talk from the Forum over here…


On the final page (for now), I included a bunch of helpful/handy/illuminating links to articles that explained, explored, or mocked the movie, compiled with help from other GWCers.

I took Shaw’s last comment of “I want to go where they are, not back home” as more a revenge motive and wanting to get the Engineers for killing her husband and wanting to kill humanity (least from her POV, whether if they did or didn’t is debatable mind you)…but she seemed pretty pissed and wanting to get some herself…

funny I hated the Alien movies (need to resee them) but I enjoyed this movie…

Even Aliens?

I disliked the original sooo much I didn’t see the sequels…and more so when I heard Alien 3 had the “T-2 ending…”

Aliens is a kick-ass action flick with zero metaphysical overtones. Sheeeeiit, James Cameron directed. There’s some iconic action stuff in there.

I think the slow build got to me in it…it shall be added to the netflix queue once I’m done with Star Trek: TOS

I’ll tell you how Trek:TOS ends if it’ll help you skip to Aliens. The director’s cut is more of a slow build. But once bullets start flying…

Nah, I’m in Season 3, so I’m close to the finish now…no worry!

Would love to hear your thots over on the TOS discussion thread.

and ye shall have them :slight_smile:

Man…can’t see how anyone could NOT like the Alien(s) movies…


I never claimed to be normal :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember I take high speed projectiles to the mask, not only call it fun but taunt the guy to do it again :eek:

So I was going to watch Alien last night…except it’s not on the stream list from Netflix…grumble

for some reason…that seemed like a modern day “…until I took an arrow to the knee” :slight_smile:

Aliens is on Cinemax today (Tuesday the 3rd) and tomorrow (July 4).

Do you think it’s the same black goo from the X-files? Imagine what would happen if it mingled with a colonial human/Cylon hybrid … Heheh

Wonder if a parody with Noomi Rapace (Shaw) dressed up like Lisbeth Salander in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest will appear. Maybe for DragonCon?