#321: Avengers Pt. 4, Thor

The Avengers release grows ever closer as we take a look at the general public’s introduction to Marvel’s Norse god Thor. We find inspiration in Thor’s each-day-at-a-time attitude. We dig into the similarities between Shakespeare’s plays and comic superhero stories, concluding that superhero tales may have a much longer lifespan of cultural significance than many suspect. And we run down the week in geek, including hope for new Star Trek on TV and a re-imagining of one of Audra and Chuck’s favorite XBox console games, Baldur’s Gate.

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good times … good times … :slight_smile:

+1 on the rewatch value of “Thor”. My first time in the cinema I was “meh”, but after some Blue Ray lovin’ I was much more appreciative of the flick.


please, ease up on the “Christmas Jones” harshing. Me likey :slight_smile:


I haven’t quite finished the podcast, so I’m not sure if this comes up later, but I realized something when I watched the DVD. This movie features Jim Kirk’s dad making out with Luke Skywalker’s mom. :stuck_out_tongue:

Brain Melt
ouch … I feel woozy … I better go lie down for a while :slight_smile:

chuck and audra you got the wrong baldur’s gate.

the ios version is a remake of the PC version of baldur’s gate and very un-action heavy game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baldur’s_Gate

you guys probably played baldur’s gate DARK ALLIANCE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baldur’s_Gate:_Dark_Alliance for the xbox

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That has fanfic written all over it, a Captain Kirk Jedi. That’s a superhero movie in itself.

Catching up on podcasts… but I got excited at talk of Snorri Sturluson and the Poetic Edda (point of information: there’s also a Prose Edda! or were you talking about the Prose one all along… don’t remember). They are near and dear to my heart, since I did a major project in high school that involved making a slide show about Norse mythology and I had awesome music to go with it (Mars, from Holst’s “The Planets.” it was a very conflict-intensive presentation. And awesome).

I also can’t remember if this or the Captain American 'cast was the one where you all were talking about how awesome it is to learn stuff. You all made me smile. Long live the humanities! :smiley:

Still listening to this podcast now. Listening to the news part, where Chuck talks about his classroom discussion, and mentioned Starship Troopers book vs film. I remember reading this book 20 odd years ago thinking two things. Powered armor in a full length film (which was quickly squashed when you found out about no powered suits for the troopers), and the opening scene of Rico being shot out of the Roger Young, and entering into the planet’s atmosphere to attack the “skinnies”.
I find that not to many books, comics or graphic novels, transfer to the big screen very well, (although I cannot speak for 300 or Sin City, though my comic book reading buddies that have read those say they are close or spot on.)
Card’s Ender’s Game I think won’t be able to do it well, and Scalzi’s Old Man’s War possibly won’t be able to do it as well, in my opinion, one of Scalzi’s big plot points (or unseen character) is the Brain Pal, this will be VERY hard to translate onto the big screen, I think.
It has been said before in Podcasts, these days it seems to be in Hollywood’s interest to buy an IP with a fanbase to help flame the fires of the movie, even negative ideas of the movie gets free advertisement…
Anyhoo, my two cents, back to the podcast.
Thanks guys.

You could do a whole thread on “Christmas Jones” both male and female-e.g. scientist characters who we don’t buy as scientists. Other examples would be Elizabeth Shue in The Saint (Val Kilmer) as a nuclear physicist. Computer programmer Hugh Jackman (Swordfish) and Ben Affleck (Paycheck) as another coder. Counter examples would be interesting, e.g. believable scientists…

Elizabeth Shue swoon could tell me she’s a Rock n’ Roll astronaut and I would believe her.

My votes would be:


as an aside, whenever my colleagues have “coincidental thoughts” we ask to “show me your hands” as a movie reference :slight_smile:


“Walter Bishop” is a bit over the top, but not by much imho :slight_smile: