3.9 "The Suicide King" - SPOILERS

Did anyone else see the new episode of “The Walking Dead”?


Nobody here cares for that TOTALLY AWESOME SHOW! Of course we watched it. Actually it speaks to how great the show actually is that I still watch it since very little good results from each episode. The end to this week’s episode being a great example.

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AAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH I hate the Governor. And I know I’m supposed to. But I hate that guy.

I’ve read the comics (via the trade collections), and I still find myself lured into a false sense of security. This week, I kept waiting for [spoiler deleted] [that guy] to [do the thing he does in the comics] and then, bam, [the other thing happens]. They’re great at surprising you when you’re sure you know where it’s going.

I can’t wait to see how this prison-Woodbury conflict ends.

I love what they are doing with rick. I would be crazy at the begining of s1e2 if this accually happened…

I thought they really botched the telephone plot with Rick. Since there are so many divergences between the comic and the show, they really could have milked that idea for a few episodes.

I was thinking it could have been an artifact of the virus that they are all infected with.

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Ok, Here goes, I understand that the latest episode was all character development and whatnot, but seriously? They didn’t even address whether or not Andrea killed the Governor or not! I have to say this episode had more in common with season 2 than season 3.

I loved the episode. Rick admitted he had a problem to someone he previously didn’t trust, they obtained much needed ammo and guns (although I think they should have taken more from Morgan), we finally closed the loop on what happened to Morgan and his son, and Rick started to trust Michonne. My only grip was the hitchhiker. When is it going to be okay to start trusting people again? I realize Rick is still dealing with The Governor but this was an able bodied guy that could have helped. Also, what’s up with the hitchhiker? He surivived this long and allowed himself to get taken out just by walking on the road? What gives? I’d be a little bit more cautious than that. Other than that none of the main characters died that the show has made me care about and they had successes in armament and supplies. It was a good episode in my book.

She obviously didnt kill him from the last episode. That wasnt in question what?

No no no, that was not a question, mearly a statement. I do see the meret in what you are saying shooter, but I still say we needed to see what is going on in woodberry.

I think during “I Ain’t A Judas” they gave us specifics on what Woodbury would be doing: training their new militia. We also didn’t see what was going on in the prison. I’m sure we will get more than we bargained for on what’s going on in both locations next week with “Arrow On The Doorpost.”

Also, in the grand scheme of things we’ve gone from 6 episodes in season 1 to 13 episodes in season 2 to 16 episodes in season 3. I’ll gladly take an episode like “Clear” that despite a lower budget gives us a needed character development, a mostly feel-good ending, and wraps up a significant season 1 loose end (all those days he was transmitting on the radio plus what happened to Morgan).

Well said shooter!

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For my money, “Clear” might be the best episode, certainly the best in awhile (and that’s saying something). As this very good review points out, the episode was firing on all cylinders: The drama was there, the interactions made sense, the character stuff wasn’t one-note and/or inconsequential, the plot mechanics and character notes added up…


Clear feel good? I still can’t shake how they left that man on the side of the road.

They did help him out by taking the load off his back at the end of the episode.

I think “Clear” is going to have all the fans talking about it for a long while. Just like “33” and “Bastille Day” for BSG.

I gotta say that the final episode of season three leaves a few lose ends that would have to be addressed in season 4. I think it was awesome how Rick’s group folded in the rest of the Woodburry people to protect them from the Governor. Also, how is this all going to come to a T with rick’s son? Is he going off the deep end? Is the Governor going to attack the prison again after he finds out everyone left Woodburry? And how in the hell does he keep surviving? That guy is slippery! What do you guys think?

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Every day that passes, I feel more & more let down by season 3 finale. Andrea didn’t die – she was killed. By writers. That was just stupid. And the Governor living is lazy storytelling.

I have to say with the exception of the gov living, I find this to have more in common with a series finale then an season finale. With that being said, I do like how they disposed of andrea’s character. I never liked her anyways, and it seemed like a fitting way to remove her from the equation. as far as the goviner surviving, It did leave a weak cliffhanger, but not one that cant be recovered in the season four premere.