#299: Geeksgiving

This week we give thanks for some of the geeky things we loved this year. And we discover a ball-slappingly good time with Audra’s new holiday: Spanksgiving. Oh yeah, we also run down the week in geek including a ton of Trek movie news and Audra’s take on the neolithic iPad.

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Well spank me! :groucho: I was wondering if there was a cast for this week.

I literally just ran out of podcasts to listen to…now i have another 2:16:11 to keep me going Thanks!

Crom dammit! Live cast Saturday @ 10 and I work until noon. :frowning:

Sean - Your nemesis? Really?

No, not really. But it sounded funny :wink:

On the topic of inverted Y-axis usage:

I use inverted controls and I’m fairly sure it’s a brain thing. I’ll make a list of “handedness” to illustrate just how my body is physically coordinated:

-Writing and mouse usage is done with my right hand
-throwing balls is done with my right hand
-throwing Frisbees is done with my left hand
-sports with two handed sticks are played left handed
-I ride bikes right, goofy footed*
-I ride a skateboard right footed
-I skate, ice, inline, or roller, left footed

I think that this is somewhat related to using inverted controls. There is some very confusing wiring in my brain. Most of my friends don’t have this about them. If they’re left handed, they’re left side dominant in everything, if they’re right handed, they’re right side dominant in everything. I’m one of two people I know who uses inverted controls in video games, but off the top of my head I can’t remember the handedness of the other guy, or if he plays sports in messed up ways like I do. The one exception seems to be hockey. When we used to play hockey, I seem to recall the majority of people played left handed, though I think I know an unusually high percentage of left handed people. Is it supposed to be around 10 percent of people are left handed? Probably close to thirty percent of the people I played hockey with were left handed.

There’s also a confusing group of people who play flight sims with regular flight controls, and play everything else with normal, up is up, controls. Another fun controls issue is third person camera controls for the X-axis. On a third person camera, do you prefer to control the camera or the point of view, meaning, when you push left do you want the camera to go left, so the point of view pans right or do you want the camera to go right so the point of view pans left? I prefer the X-axis of a third person game to follow point of view, while the Y-axis to control camera position, which would be similar to a first person control preference.

*Footedness on bikes takes a bit to explain. On a bike, I ride right foot dominant which means, when coasting, my left pedal is towards the rear, and my right pedal is towards the front. Goofy means I do tricks contrary to this footedness. For example, when in a right footed stance it would be normal to ride up on a grind rail from the left so that when you jump your left foot, which is towards the back, has the maximum leverage to kick the bike sideways onto the rail. Since I ride goofy I prefer to come up on obstacles from the right, so my left foot has to pull on the rear of the bike, rather than push.

Loyalty and Honor. Of course they are very different things.

While dating I attend many Shakespearean plays with my future wife. This theme arose several times in our drinks afterward. One of the most pointed things I recall was her once telling me “of course you think that way you Son of Erin”.

We tend to musicals now.




Can’t wait for the live cast in the morning

I always use inverted controls and I always though it strange that the default setting is mostly non inverted and you have to actually choose the inverted setting most of the time.

I didn’t realise until I had some friends over to play Halo that they couldn’t use my inverted settings and had to switch them back. They told me that most people use non inverted and they couldn’t understand how I could use the inverted controls.

I just cant use non inverted controls my brain isn’t wired that way.

Do you think there any pilots that use Non Inverted Controls? It would be interesting if there are

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As I mentioned, I’m a pilot and I use non-inverted controls for everything except flying.

Yeah I must have missed that when I posted, I guess everyone is different huh

I’m a couple 'casts behind, but I just wanted to correct Chuck about the Kindle with ads. They do not show up when you are reading a book, I have one. They are on the “home” page and the sleep screen. They have some really good offers too. I have gotten books for a dolloar, 1/2 off a cover, 1/2 off a skin, a $20 GC for $10, etc. Don’t let the mentions of “ads” scare you aware from the less expensive version. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: there is also a thread you might want to comment on as there is someone looking to potentially buy one of these


I want some Audra Chip Cookies, some Chuckolate Cake, and I wanna picture of both, taken and photoshopped by Sean!!

KIT-teh! You’ll get NOThing and LIKE it!!


agreed. is ossim.

[b][i]Spooky Podcast.

Audra is in the cast zone, Sean is acronically timebend, Chuck is a nigga nazi.

Halo was a mainstream success, Crysis tried to copy that concept and i didnt like the fecking suite, the Atmo of the usual Far Cry stuff was destroyed because of it.[/i][/b]

Welcome to the forum Meister! But I’m concerned with the term used to describe Chuck in your post because it’s slang for a Black supremacist like a Black Panther member who is black…not a man who is about as white as a human can possibly get. Best you check out some pictures in the Flickr pool from meetup to see Chuck. :wink: Also the ‘n’ word in any of it’s forms is frowned upon here in the States by much (not all of course) of the population.