#27: Noche de Suenos

It’s dream time (in a shared sense), and we definitely spend some time analyzing Jo and Fargo’s experience as well as Carter’s au natural trip for coffee. We consider the glimpse this episode gives us into Allison and Stark’s motivations in terms of how they approach this potential solution to Kevin’s problems, both past and present. Audra grades the various actors’ Spanish accent (Stark gets a B+, Fargo, not so much). We talk about how becoming the leader of GD affects Allison — as well as her relationships with Stark and Carter. And we discuss some new Eureka news including air dates for Season 5 (April 16!) and a new project coming from Eureka’s creator.

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Regarding the car story with your German teacher to help you understand a manual or whatever it was:
The “Zündung” aka. “ignition” what you wanted to know, she translated to “explosion”. I would say she was a bit off and would translate “Zündung” like in explosives as “detonators”. :slight_smile: