#23: Unpredictable

We dive into yet another awesome B and C story episode in which we meet some new characters including Pilar and Jack’s first evil ex, Abby. We talk relationships and passive aggression in terms of Jack’s history. We enjoy the building tension over Henry’s unresolved issues. And we get a big kick out of Fargo’s ever-increasing role in Eureka.

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Wasn’t Dr. Abby Carter…the princess in the original Conan movie?

Yes. Yes she was. She was also Kevin Arnold’s older sister on The Wonder Years.

I just watched this episode and I didn’t think of Abby Carter as evil. She showed up as per an agreement Jack and her made a while ago. Jack neglected to mention it to…well…anyone. I could be totally bias since I thot she was hawt. Though, given the choice between Alison and Abby…well…you know me. I’d take both.

IMO, Abby was pissed and she had every right to be. Once again, Jack put his job before family. This was Abby’s complaint and it has been Zoe’s complaint for most of the first season. Zoe and Jack have worked through it because instead of Jack being a U.S. Marshall and traveling all over the USA, he is in Eureka and close to home.