2010 Dragon*Con Firefly Panel



There are six parts. You can link to the rest.

it’s probably the greatest panel i’ve ever seen…

One of the few panels I’ve seen that doesn’t have Nathan and still ended up being outrageous… well… technically…

That WAS an awesome panel! we had to go back to our room to watch on DC*TV the line to start the line to go in began before the Eureka/Warehouse 13 panel right before. I lucked out and got in the tail end of that line and they were all awesome as well! Thanks for posting!!


That was amazing! And that’s only the first part?!

This is all that needs to be said

Dragon*Con 2010

i think it’s having the opposite effect, he looks like he’s rather enjyoing that.

Thanks for alerting us of the panel recording. It was :smiley: