10 Years of new BSG


Happy 10th birthday to Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica! 10 years since the miniseries first aired, and the show that brought this community together and provided us with countless pulse-pounding moments and brain-melting theories began. May more bsg and more television of this quality continue to grace our screens!


10 years! Crazy! I didn’t watch it when it first aired, I think I started in mid 2005. Hard to believe it was 8 years since I started though.


I didn’t start it until… 2007? Because that’s when I started consuming pop culture again. But wow, 10 years since the miniseries!


The first episode I ever saw was the Eye of Jupiter. I just happened to catch it on tv when it was airing, and was immediately hooked by the intensity, and couldn’t believe it ended with “to be continued!” I actually watched rapture and maybe 1 or 2 more episodes before I decided that I needed to go back from the beginning and watch these in order. I caught up by the time season 3 was over, and the show became a big part of my life. It hasn’t been 10 years for me but a long time nonetheless.


narvinek originally did this two years ago, remastered this month for the anniversary. And with this and other dark materials, usually the reliably addictive episode ‘33’ (yes, so the first hour of the miniseries can be slow to the uninitiated), I shall indoctrinate more nuggets then ever before in 2014. I slacked off a bit this year. In my wee corner of the world, so many more people have watched BSG after the series ended than I ever met during those six long broadcast years. It’s always fun to see someone itchy and preoccupied during their busy day, waiting to get home to watch the next episode.

Whups. Contains spoilers for not-yet-finished-watching.



Wow, hell of a video - makes for the best trailer for anything i’ve ever seen… too bad it includes clips from the whole show lol. nah jk that’s awesome, great editing


Fantastic video.
It gave me goosebumps. Makes me want to do a re-watch.

So say we all!


Happy tenth birthday to 33, original air date, January 14, 2005. Mrs. Ron’s least favorite episode must weigh heavily on the minds of a certain production team as they put their own pilot episode in the can. Who threw that?

A loving tribute. GIFS! A pop quiz. An interview. And even frakking Helo.

Entertainment Weekly: ‘Battlestar Galactica’: A close look at the near-perfect pilot episode, 10 years later 1/14/2015
buzzfeed: How Well Do You Remember The First “Battlestar Galactica” Episode?
zap2it: [Ron Moore reflects on ‘Battlestar Galactica’s’ legacy for its 10th anniversary](http://www.zap2it.com/blogs/battlestar_galactica_10th_anniversary_ronald_d_moo re_interview_legacy-2015-01)

To commemorate this laudable anniversary, Syfy has shut down its own Syfy forums.

These familiar two did about a dozen spots this month for Syfy AU, airing BSG for the first time down under.



It is definitely time to do a BSG re-watch !!


I just re-watched this - what a hellava vid !!
Still gives me the chills.


Yup, goose-bumps…What a great ride, lots of great memories in that vid. When Exodus Part II originally aired, and Galactica jumped into atmo on New Craprica, I remember jumping to my feet cheering. Not much television does that for me. Like I said, some of the best tv ever.



An internal editorial struggle at EW! Or not.

After applauding BSG, on the same day, EW couldn’t resist a backhanded followup by attacking BSG’s infamous finale: ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and bad finales that damage good shows’ legacies

This remains a relevant point of everyday communal entertainment consumption since how many times have you been asked/overheard/heard/read, “Should I watch Battlestar Galactica? I heard the finale sucks.”

To which EW’s Darren Franich, author of the “near-perfect pilot” article, retorts with: Entertainment Geekly: How the last decade of genre television failed ‘Battlestar Galactica’

As much I like The Walking Dead, he has a point. When AMC fired creator and show runner Frank Darabont, you could argue the show actually, albeit slowly, evolved into a better drama. Yet not longer after TWD’s first season finale TS-19, the show stopped asking uncomfortable questions that have no easy answers like BSG habitually did. For that matter, compare The Wire to Breaking Bad.

With so many recommendations over the last few days - and since, hell yeah where did all the dark and gritty disappear to anyway? - I guess it’s time to dive into:

fastcompany: Your Complete Guide To Binge-Watching “Black Mirror” On Netflix



Getting ready to do a full Battlestar Galactica re-watch.
BSG is still my most favorite SciFi series ever.
And I am very forgiving of all things sci fi, so I have many series and films that I love,
but BSG is my favorite (even more than Firelfy, and I’m an avid Browncoat).