Supernatural 7x10 Death's Door

No. Sorry. There was a woman in the apron. I meant her.

That’s Bobby’s wife. She got possessed by a demon, and he was forced to kill her. That’s how he became a hunter.

Ah, thank you.

Aw! Little Dean! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, that was her mother…

Are you having issues with pronoun genders tonight?

Trying to watch, understand, and type at the same time. Got mother and father mixed up.

Pent up rage much, Dean?

All the stuff with Bobby’s childhood is new. We haven’t seen it before.

Except nothing in his head is real. How could it affect the reaper?

Bitch face! :smiley:

I dunno why, but I always thought Sam was the impulsive one and Dean was the reasonable one until the past two seasons.

You need to watch the first few seasons.

Probably. I’ve only seen a few episodes from when Sam had demon(?) powers a few seasons ago.

“Adopted”, in the broadest sense of the word.

Oh crap…

Whoa. Did not see that coming. :eek:

I have a bad feeling about this.

[spoiler]The nurse is a Leviathan.[/spoiler]

NOOOOOOOO!!! :eek:

I know, right!?

They are around somewhere…