Hello, is there anyone out there...

Aye. He is Presidential and everything.

And don’t forget brave.:slight_smile:

Really is a shame this was a great place to talk about Sci Fi and just cool stuff. But like all things there is a time and place. Sadly that seems to be what happened. Would love to do some meetups though. Something to talk about.

It was sooo weird…we had a giant meet-up and everything was awesome…and it was like once we all got home, someone pulled the plug and was never to be heard of again, ironically enough we probably live fairly close to each other :cool:

We used to be closer when I lived in Lodi. Now in WNY next to NYC. I remember when we did the film meetups. Go see that new thing called The Avengers. Good times.

Scary to think how long ago THAT was too…geesh…

Yep sure is, and next month it will culminate in Infinity War.

I too feel the pain.

Agreed - what on earth happened to the community?

That’s the thing… NO ONE really knows… one week was the meet-up in Dallas…the next week it became a slow dying ghost town…it’s a mystery we may never have solved…

I have not posted on here in years, I check in from time to time (seems to be longer and longer gaps tho), I wonder happened. Maybe one day we all will come back. Take care everyone.

Happy New Year everyone!

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So, I’m in the middle of a BSG re-watch, and of course my mind turns to the GWC forum.
So much interesting, kick-ass scifi out there and nowhere to discuss it.

All of this has happened before.
All of this will happen again?


So true… Everything from old shows like Fringe and new shows like Counerpart.

So, what have you been watching? Now that I have kids I rarely get to really sit down and watch much nowadays. Always looking for good recommendations.

Also, was just looking, it has been nearly 10 years since the first meetup. Wow, time flies.

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It is nice of Chuck, Audra, and Sean to keep the forum up and available.

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Yeah, we had a couple hiccups over the years, but I’d like to think we’ve kept the site functional enough that anyone can go back and (re-)enjoy the hundreds of hours/threads of geeky goodness accumulated since before we knew who the fifth Final Cylon was.

10 years ago today was the first GWC meetup. This podcast and group of people literally changed my life for the better. You all rock.

Nostalgia fuel: https://galacticwatercooler.com/2009/03/21/gwc-podcast-157-live-from-the-gwc-natl-meetup/


I’m still alive and out there somewhere. Just doesn’t feel like it most of the time. Had a rough few years and just seems like no one cares.

If you haven’t found it already, there’s a great podcast hosted by Tricia Helfer (Six) and Marc Bernardin (writer on Alphas, Castle Rock, others), called Battlestar Galacticast. They watch an episode and chat all about the development and their take on what’s happened so far.

You can find it on SyFy.com, Apple Podcast app (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/battlestar-galacticast/id1445475337), Spotify, and such.