Happy Birthday Shooter!

Happy Birthday!

sorry I missed it! hope it was OSSIM!!

Well, at least I am only a day late.

Hope you had a great day.

Happy Birthday!!!

Hey Shooter, Happy Belated Birthday
Hope you had a great day.

[b]Hope you have a great day!


I found someone at NYCC to wish you a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday! Have a great one!

Happy Birthday!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Thank you very much everyone! I had a great day thanks to you!

Late to the party AGAIN. Curses.

Hope you had a great one with the Shooter clan and that the combined power of GWCers’ well-wishes carries you triumphantly into a new year.

I can’t believe I miss your B-day sir.
I wish you an happy belated birthday sir and hope only good things will happen to you.

Happy Belated Birthday Shooter !
Hope it was a fun day of celebration.

Happy birthday, Shooter! (2012) Having a happy birthday is simple. It’s not rocket science. But if it were, you could handle it.

Happy Birthday!

Have a great birthday!

Thank you guys! It always means a lot to hear from GWCers on my birthday!

Hey Shooter! Happy Birthday! Enjoy the weekend! Hope it goes by nice and slowly!