FSL Team Archive

Looking for inspiration I have found myself re-reading old solutions that I had written. Some were good, others not so good but in aggregate I was proud of my work. What struck me was the time it took to hunt each one down from the various rounds, therefore I thot it useful to create a central repository for all us to maintain a running record of each of our solutions. Perhaps this will be useful only to you, but I think everyone at GWC will appreciate being able to quickly peruse prior solutions people have submitted.

Organize however you like, you definitely don’t have to do it exactly as I do. Enjoy!

[RIGHT]Team Solai FSL 1.0

Team Solai: Ender, Grig, R2-D2, Marvin the Martian

  1. Meteor (no submission)
  2. Helm’s Deep
  3. Date Night (No submission)
  4. Save Solai (No submission)[/RIGHT]

[RIGHT]Team Sideways FSL 2.0 : Black Ops Roundup

Driver: Wash / Tech: Macgyver / Recon: James Bond (Connery) / Martial Artist: The Operative

  1. Puppynapped! - or - Dragons Love Calypso music. Seriously. They do.
  2. Take out the Trash - or - Eddie Izzard is a genius.
  3. Know when to hold them - or - That Macgyver sure looks like Jack O’Neill
  4. Horns of the Dilemma - or - Uncle Sean’s Naughty Story Time
  5. We Interupt this Broadcast - or - ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?[/RIGHT]

[RIGHT]Team Sideways FSL 3.0 : Invasion

  1. Tribbles on the Water
  2. Den of Trolls[/RIGHT]

I might do some linking later, but here are my teams.

FSL 1.0
Team Evil

FSL 2.0
Team Starsaber

FSL 3.0
Team Starsaber

Team Daisuke - FSL 1.0

1: Meteor - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

2: Helms Deep

3: Date Night

4: Save Solai

5: Dallas Dollhouse - (No submission)

Team Conan’s Angels - FSL 2.0 : Black Ops Roundup

1: Puppynapped

2: Take Out The Trash

3: You got to know when to hold 'em

4: The Horns of A Dilemma

5: We Interrupt This Broadcast - (No submission)

Team Jealousy - FSL 3.0 : Nemesis/Invasion

1: Tribbles on the Water

2: Den of Trolls

3: Take Them Out at the Ballgame

4: No Time to Panic

FSL 2.0 Colon: Black Ops

FSL 2.0 Challenge 2: Take Out The Trash: Part 1 - Part 2

FSL 2.0 Challenge 4: The Horns of A Dilemma

FSL 3 - Nemesis / Invasion

  1. Tribbles on the Water
  2. Den of Trolls

FSL 1.0
Team Old School

2. Helm’s Deep
3. Date Night
4. Save Solai
5.Dallas Dollhouse

FSL 2.0 colon: Black Ops
Team Hot Bitches

  1. Puppynapped
  2. Take out the trash, or, Darth Creamy
  3. You got to know when to hold 'em, or, Death Star? No, Life Star!
  4. The Horns of a Dilemma, or, A POMA Solution
  5. We Interrupt this Broadcast

FSL 3.0: Nemesis/Invasion
Team (Home of the Human Beings) (signature)

  1. Tribbles on the Water
    2.Den of Trolls, or, Too Many Trolls on the Dance Floor

Ah, reading the old entries, I’m thinking I was actually pretty clever in some of the solutions. Yes, I’m flattering myself. :smiley:

Team Dyno-Mite FSL 1.0

Team Dyno-Mite FSL 2.0

Took on the Crue in the Kidnapping of The McDonald. Voting did not go the team’s way, but they got a chance to play.

Team Seriously FSL 3.0